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May 28, 2018 Meeting

USD 289



May 28, 2018 – 6:30PM


1.             Call Meeting to Order and Roll Call

2.              Adopt the Agenda

3.             Public Comment

4.              Consent Agenda

                 a.              Approval of previous Meeting Minutes.

                 b.              Monthly Bills and Financial Report District Office Financials District Office Checks WHS Financials WMS Financials WES Financials

                 c.              Donations

                                Lytle Land Management

                                                                $300 for HS activity/Track

                                                                $300 for HS activity/ Baseball

                                                                $100 for HS activity/Golf

                                                                $400 for HS activity/FBLA

                                MidAmerican Bank

                                                                $325 for HS activity/Track

                                                                $200 for HS activity/Baseball

                                                                $75 for HS activity/Golf

                                                Wellsville Chiropractic $500 for HS activity/FBLA

                                                Demdaco $2000 for HS activity/FBLA

                                                Midwest Jrs $800.97 for HS activity.  Vertical Jump System

                                                City of Wellsville $1000 for HS activity/FBLA

                                                Brian and Dana Richardson $300 for HS activity/FBLA

                                                Landmark Bank $500 for HS activity/FBLA

                                                Melissa Kearney Wheelchair to MS

                                                Kellie Hurd $2,500 for HS activity/FBLA

                 d.              Staff Reports

                                   1.              Superintendent Mr Henn

                                   2.              Building Administrators Mr Adams Mr Burkdoll Mr Fox Mr Townsend

                                   3.              Special Education

                                   4.              WJRC Directors Report

5.             Old Business

                a.             Tech Purchases

6.             New Business

                a.             Enrollment Fees

                b.             Handbooks

                c.             Greenbush Fees Career IDP Software

                d.             Health Insurance

e.             ECKCE Agreement

f.              State Assessment Scores ELA Math Science

g.             Healthy Kansas Wellness Grant 

7.              Executive Session (if needed)

                 a.              Negotiations

                 b.              Personnel

                 c.              Student Matters

8.              Personnel

                 a.              Resignations

                b.             Contracts to offer

                                1.             Classified Staff

                                2.             Supplementals

                                3.             New staff

                c.             Retirement

9.             Executive Session

                a.             Personnel                           

10.            Adjournment


Public Comment Procedure/Guideline

* Comments are limited to five (5) minutes maximum * Comments must relate to item on the agenda or past agendas

* If a comment does not relate to an agenda item, Patron must request to be added to the following month’s agenda

* No response is to be expected from Board members at that time. * Must not use names