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August 22, 2016

USD 289



August 22, 2016 – 6:30PM


1.         Call Meeting to Order and Roll Call

            a.         Open Budget Hearing 

2.         Adopt the Agenda

3.         Board President

4.         Student Presentation

            a.         FBLA

5.         Public Comment

6.         Consent Agenda

            a.         Approval of previous Meeting Minutes. 07.25.16 Minutes 

            b.         Monthly Bills and Financial Report D.O. Budget Summary 08.2016 District Office Cash Summary 07.01-08.17

D.O. Cash Summary 08.16 D.O. August 16 Check Register WHS July 16 Financials 

WHS July 16 Check Register WES July 16 Financials WMS July 16 Financials

            c.         Donations

            d.         Staff Reports

                        1.         Superintendent Mr Henn

                        2.         Building Administrators Mr Burkdoll/AD Mr Adams Mr Townsend

                        3.         Special Education

                        4.         WJRC WJRC 2016-2017 Budget WJRC Budget Certification Signatures

7.         Budget

            a.         Close Budget Hearing

            b.         Approve 2016-2017 Budget Notice of Hearing 08.09.16

8.         Old Business

            a.         Board Goals Board Vision Value and Goals 2016-2017 Board Vision Value and Goals 2015-16

Board Vision Value and Goals 2015-2016 KSDE Kansans Can Talking

9.         New Business

            a.         Senate Bill 22 Summary of Senate Bill 22

            b.         Policies June 2016 Policy Updates

10.       Executive Session (if needed)

            a.         Negotiations

            b.         Personnel

            c.         Student Matters

11.       Contracts

            a.         MCBA 2016-2017

            b.         Classified Staff

            c.         Administrative Staff

12.       Personnel

            a.         Contracts to Offer

            b.         Resignation

13.       Adjournment