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September 28, 2015

USD 289



September 28, 2015  -  6:30 pm



1.             Call Meeting to Order and Roll Call

2.             Welcome/Recognition of Guests by the President

3.             Adopt the Agenda

4.             Consent Agenda

                a.             Approval of previous Meeting Minutes.  8.24.15   9.3.15 Special BOE Mtg

                b.             Monthly Bills and Financial Report  Treasurer Report  Budget Summary   Aug CC  Travel Expense

                                 Check Runs thru 9.23  Checks 9.28

                                 WES Cash Report      WES Check Detail Report    WMS Cash Report   WMS Check Detail Report 

                                 WHS Cash Report       WHS Check Detail Report                     

                c.             Donations  Casey Quinlan - DJ Equiptment    Author, Karin Reeves - The Oath, Book Trilogy to  HS Library   

                                WES Fundraiser Cash Donation, $100.00 from Corey and Alexandra Morin, $50.00 Tom and Sherry Christopher  

                                 $30.00 from Tom Darnell and Katie Fender

                d.             Staff Reports

                                1.             Superintendent:   Mr Henn

                                2.             Building Administrators:  Mr Townsend  -  Mr Adams   -  Mr Dardis  -   Mr Burkdoll

                                3.             Special Education Minutes:  9.8.15

                                4.             WJRC Report

                e.             Resignations  Shirley Knapp - Foodservice

5.             Student Presentations

6.             Old Business

                a.             District Goals  2015-2016 District Goals    2015-2016 Sub Goals     

7.             New Business

                a.             Music trip to Branson

                b.             Resolution for Budget

                c.             Meal Reimbursement

                d.             Overnight Stay for Activities   Policy GAN

                e.             Capital Outlay projection

                f.              Arrival at Enrollment Numbers

                g.             District Boundaries

8.             Executive Session (if needed)

                a.             Negotiations

                b.             Personnel

                c.             Student Matters


9.             Personnel

10.          Adjournment