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USD 289



July 13, 2015 – 6:30 pm


(A) - Action.  (R) - Report.

1.            Call Meeting to Order and Roll Call (A)

2.            Welcome/Recognition of Guests by the President

3.            Adopt the Agenda (A)

4.            Consent Agenda (A)


                              a.            Approval of previous Meeting Minutes (6.8.15 Minutes)  (6.25.15 Minutes) (6.30.15 Minutes)

                              b.            Monthly Bills and Financial Report  (Attached Financials) (June Treasurers Report) (Check Register 7.13.15) (Cash Summary Report)

                              c.            Staff Reports


  1. Superintendent

Plans continue for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year.  Inservice this fall will consist of Google training, McCrel refresher and much curriculum training, especially in math at all levels.  The secondary teachers math training will be in Wichita.  The elementary training will be in our district during our inservice days.  This will be most important for our teachers so the math curriculum will be presented to the students in the way it should be presented.  The curriculum has had much research as to how to present the material and we will be following this lead.  Looking forward to how this will improve our students this coming year.

As we move forward with the budget we will be following what is happening in Topeka.  The budget will be prepared according to what we know and not what we have heard.  This is an extremely difficult time to prepare a budget when there are so many different factors out there.  The District office will be attending the annual Budget Workshop on Friday July 10th

There have been several applications for middle school principal.  In looking at the experienced applications, Mr. Adams, Mr. Burkdoll and I have met and narrowed the field to four.  We had three with experience accept to interview.  I plan to bring this candidate to you at the meeting Monday night. 

  1. Special Education (Attached Minutes 7.9.15)

                                             3.            WJRC – Nothing to report

5.            Business


a.            504 Policy.  Included in your packet is a current document we use to place our students on a 504, which is a federal program to help students with disabilities, and the update.  If the students do not qualify for an IEP, they then could qualify for a 504, which gives students with disabilities another avenue to be successful in schools.  This document will replace our current information.  All administrators will be trained in July and then we will train key personnel in the document as well.  This document and training has been provided by Paul Longhofer who is used by KSDE to write 504 compliance documents.  His total fee for this training and document is $2000 plus expenses.  Suggested Motion:  President, I move that we approve the 504 policy documents, Second,  (Current 504 )  (Building Committee) Operational Guidlines)


b.            Update Board Policy.  Policies to be discussed are CEF, DC, GAAB, GAAC, GAACA, GAAF, GAHB, GANA, GAOE, GBRK, GCRK, IHF, IKA, JBC, JBD, JCDBB, JCE, JGEC, JGECA, KBA, KGD, KN, and KG.  Suggested Motion:  President, I move that we approve CEF, DC, GAAB, GAAC, GAACA, GAAF, GAHB, GANA, GAOE, GBRK, GCRK, IHF, IKA, JBC, JBD, JCDBB, JCE, JGEC, JGECA, KBA, KGD, KN, and KG as discussed.  Second,  (Updated Policys)  (KG Current Policy) (Building Use Fees) (Building Use Form)


c.            Set Special Board Meeting for Budget.   The budget needs to be certified by the Board on or before August 25th.  There must be at least 10 calendar days between the publication of the budget in the Ottawa Herald and the Budget hearing.  As the budget software is delayed coming to us from the State it is limiting us to organize these meetings.  We have a couple of scenarios:

1. Special meeting Monday Aug 3rd, publish in the paper on Aug 6th and have the hearing Aug 17th.

2 Authorize the superintendent of schools to publish the district budget in accordance of the state regulations and to establish the district budget hearing prior to August 25th.    Special Budget Hearing date TBA.


d.            Donations.   Wellsville Chamber of Commerce - $250, Elem Marathon water bottles

Wellsville Chiropractic, Dr Nicole L. Vleck - $150, Elem Marathon water bottles.  Suggested Motion:  President, I move that we approve the donations.  Second,


e.            Handbook Changes.  The only change here is the e/cigarettes will added to the coaches handbook.  Suggested Motion:  President, I move that we approve the Coaches Handbook Changes.  Second,   (Coaches Handbook)


f.             Financial Statement Audit.  This is to approve Mr. Neis to conduct our annual audit.  Suggested Motion:  President, I move that we approve Mr. Neis to perform our annual audit.  Second,  


6.            Executive Session: if needed


                              a.            Negotiations

                              b.            Personnel

                              c.            Student Matters


7.            Personnel


a.            Resignations.   Alicia Jones – MS Yearbook.  Suggested Motion:  President, I move that we accept the resignation of Alicia Jones.  Second,


b.            Contracts offered.

                                             John Ball – transportation

                                             Ardith Bell – transportation/MS Library Aide

                                             Mary Edwards – transportation

                                             Heather Neel – Elem Secretary

                                             Jenna Larson – 3rd Grade

                                             Barry Richards – MS/HS Math

                                             Rick O’Neil – HS PE, retired at starting base salary and 24% penalty


c.            Supplementals.  Information has been added and changed in this document.  Some percentages were incorrect at last adoption and have been corrected.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the supplemental assignments.  Second,   (Updates Supplementals)


8.            Adjournment