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USD 289



May 11, 2015 – 6:30pm

(A) - Action.  (R) - Report.

1.            Call Meeting to Order and Roll Call (A)

2.            Welcome/Recognition of Guests by the President

3.            Adopt the Agenda (A)

4.            Consent Agenda (A)


               a.            Approval of previous Meeting Minutes (Attached Minutes)

               b.            Monthly Bills and Financial Report  (Attached Financials) (April Treasurers Report) (Check Register 5.11.15) (Budget Summary) (Activity Acct Cash Balances)

               c.            Staff Reports


  1. Superintendent

School is coming to an end very quickly.  The last two months always fly by and we are always in catch up mode.  This year is no different.  Students have been working hard taking state assessments, athletics have been winding down, and teachers are preparing for finals.  It just moves very fast this time of year.

The court case for school funding is met today, May 7th.  I do not know if there will be any decision made at this time.  I do know whatever the outcome is it will be probably be sent to the Kansas Supreme Court for them to review.  This case will shape Kansas schools for many years.

Graduation is May 19th at 2:00 pm.  The stadium will be the venue unless we have weather in the area.  This is always a great day for students, parents, family and teachers.  To see the accomplishments of our students over 13 years is just incredible.  Students work so hard for this day and it comes and goes so quickly. 

The BOE Appreciation luncheon is set for May 19th.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  I like to keep it short so teachers can have the time in the classroom to finish up their year.  The start time is approximately 11:45.  We will discuss this more at the BOE meeting.


                              2.            Building Administrators


Elementary BOE report – May 2015

State assessment have come and gone.  Testing went very smooth, and what very few glitches did occur, the staff and students handled them in stride.  The amount of support and encouragement the students received through testing season was amazing.  Parents, staff, classes, students, and the PTO did awesome things to show their support and encourage our young testers.

It’s is a wonderful to see all the fun activities going on right now in the elementary school. Field trips, picnics, educational games, and a little extra play time help make the stress of the last week or so disappear.  I see so many positive interactions between teachers and their students.  It is a fun time.

We are currently looking at option in using some of our funds to purchase additional technology for our classrooms.  The implementation of the tablets last fall has had a positive impact on our classrooms.  We are looking at trying to purchase some chromebooks for our 4th and 5th grade classrooms.  The potential technology will help the students enhance their skill in word processing, presentation formatting, typing, and research.

5th grade had their science fair, DARE graduation, and musical in May.  All these events occurred in the same evening and took a lot of organizing and effort on many peoples part to make it a success.  It’s great to see a good team working in positive ways for our students.

It is a bittersweet end to a great year.  Some great staff members are starting new adventures in their lives – some first year staff members are looking back and saying “I survived” J  We are moving on a great group of 5th graders – but we are gaining, what looks to be, a great group of kindergartens.  We are doing what schools do best, helping student grow.  Good luck to all!

Through my board reports I have thanked and acknowledged several groups – I would like to extend I final thanks and appreciation the entire WES team.  The teachers, paras, kitchen staff, maintenance/custodial, office staff, the COOP team, parent volunteers, teacher aides, PTO,  and all the different people that come and go throughout the day have made this an awesome place for students to learn.  It truly is a great place to be an EAGLE!

Tammy Thomasson, Middle School Principal & District Curriculum Coordinator

State Assessments:  Have been completed.  We had very little trouble with them. 

Track:  We will be completing our track season on Monday, May 11. 

Awards Night:  The middle school awards night will be Monday, May 18 at 7 PM.

Changes to WMS Requirements:  The ASPIRE tests showed that district-wide our students struggle with writing.  We knew writing would be an issue since the State dropped testing in that area.  We presented our findings to the Middle School/High School Site Council.  The Site Council was in agreement with adding a required writing course to our middle school students.  Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades beginning in the 2015-2016 school year will be required to take 1 semester of writing.  Our English teachers will be able to focus on specific techniques and styles of writing without trying to add more to their reading/English course.  We would hope to see improvement in the 2016-2017 ASPIRE tests.  We should not expect to see an increase in writing scores next year because the test is taken so early in the year. 

Curriculum:  I will be meeting with the elementary math committee on May 14 to finalize a math curriculum and textbook selection.  The elementary selection will not have an impact on the selection made by the middle/high school.  We should be able to bring our recommendation for elementary to the Board for approval in June.

The middle school and high school math committee is recommending that we purchase Agile Mind for all math courses (6th, 7th, 8th, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus).  I will include a separate report on the specific costs. 

The middle school and high school math teachers met several times and reviewed materials.  They have had two webinars and conference calls with Agile Minds to go over specific questions and concerns.  They are impressed with the curriculum and the way it is presented.  They have had access to the materials for over a month and have used it to teach everyday lessons. 

Agile Mind can be 100% online for the instruction.  Students have 24/7 access to the materials but student worksheets can be printed for daily use.  The program is aligned to the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards and the Common Core Standards.  The price as you will see is somewhat expensive and I am recommending a 5 year purchase.  The program is updated 2-4 times a year so you are purchasing a curriculum that is updated and not a book that can’t be replaced until the next curriculum change.

The instructional materials are new and relate to everyday problems they will see.  Ms. Hylton used the program with her special education students and they said they like this program better than doing math.  They didn’t seem to realize that they were actually doing math!

The great thing about this program is the training that is included.  Wichita public schools have also adopted this program and the Agile Mind Company conducts a yearly institute for training which is held in early August.  Our staff will be able to get intensive training that will allow them to serve students better.  The training will be adapted to each school’s specific needs.  This will also give our staff a network of teachers to contact if they are having questions.  The cost of the adoption also includes Agile Mind staff to come to our school and help staff with lesson plans, critique lessons, or give additional training. 

The use of student computers is essential to the program.  While students do not need to access the technology daily, the teacher will project it in the classroom; they will need to access computers for assessments.  Mr. Adams and I have asked that the remainder of our building budgets be used to purchase Chrome Books for our staff to use for math.  When the computers are not being used for math, they will be available for other teachers to use in their classes.  We have presented this to the Technology Committee.

The math teachers were very excited about the program.  They feel that the actual scope and sequence of the Agile Mind curriculum be adopted as our curriculum for these grade levels.  We are recommending that the Board approve the purchase of the Agile Mind program.

               JOSH ADAMS, PRINCIPAL


  1. The Wellsville Eagles Real World Design Challenge team won first place in the State on their "Precision Agriculture" research paper and business plan.  They will be travelling to Washington D.C. in November 2015 to present their project for the judges from NASA, the FAA, and the Department of Defense.


The Real World Design team is: Marissa Carmen, Jacob Baker, Andrew Lindsey, Joseph Phillips and Holly Hoehn.


  1. We took 32 kids to State Solo and Ensemble contest  and brought home 25 medals.


  1. Wellsville is the 2015 League Art Champions.


Best of Show (only 5 given, we won 3)

Lilia Bubeck, “Skull Nest” ink work

Jordon Stiff, 18” ceramic vase “The Big ‘Un”

Valentina Castellani, “Impeccable Elegance” colored pencil drawing


Artistic Excellence:

Jessie Ewing, magazine cow collage

Valentina Castellani, “Family” colored pencil drawing

Jordon Stiff, raku ceramic work

Jordon Stiff, white carved/thrown vase

Grady Rutledge, wood burned wolf work “ramstein”

Darcey Schnoor, “Children of War” graffiti piece


Artistic Merit:

Lilia Bubeck, “Apostle” ink work

Jessie Adams, cut paper image “Lonely Mushroom”

Valentina Castellani, series of linocut prints “The Reason I’m broke”


  1. Concessions:  The concession stand made a lot more money this year than in the past, therefore we gave each group $100 for every time they worked.



  1. High school events-Prom and the academic banquet were successful with good attendance at both. Student conduct has also been very good to this point.


Brad Burkdoll/AD

  1.  Our baseball and softball teams continue to have nice seasons. Both teams have shots to win Pioneer League titles early next week.  Regionals are May 18th and 19th.
  2. League track is May 14th in Iola.  Field events start at 3:30pm.
  3. The Wall of Fame inductions are set for Saturday, May 16th.  Graduation is scheduled for Sunday, May 17th at 2:00pm.
  4. Wellsville place 1st in the Pioneer League Art Competition on April 29th. Lilia Bubeck, Jordan Stiff, and Valentina Castellani were awarded Best of Show.
  5. Summer Camps scheduled are for the following dates. Our camps will be run through the WJRC this summer.
    1. HS Volleyball June 1-3.
    2. HS Football June 8-11
    3. MS Football July 13-16
    4. MS Basketball July 6-9

                              3.            Special Education (Attached Minutes)

                              4.            WJRC  (WJRC REPORT)


5.            Business


a.            Student Presentation.  Members of the Real World Challenge Group will be here to discuss their challenge and talk about their experiences.

b.            George K. Baum.  Todd Burrus will be here to discuss the sale of the bonds.  There will be a resolution that must be adopted.  We will not read this one since it is several pages long.  There is a short passage that must be read.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the resolution read.  Second, (Bond Resolution) (Post Issuance Compliance) (Bid Tabulation)

c.            CASE Review.  Included in your packet is a report from the CASE program.  Kari Owings will be with us to answer any questions.  We currently charge $500 per semester for them to use our building.  (Case Update)

d.            Milk Bid.  The milk bids will be presented at the meeting.  We will need to approve the lowest responsible bid. (Milk Bid)

e.            Disposing of Items.  We now have two buses we need to dispose of.  I would suggest we ask for sealed bids.  The highest bidders would then be allowed to purchase the bus.  We also have computers we plan to use in other classrooms as we change them but will have extras.  We plan to recycle these as we usually have.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the sale of two of our buses by sealed bid.  Second,

f.             Retirement Incentive.  We need to have a discussion about the continuation of the retirement incentive for our employees.  As budgets continue to become tighter we can remove this incentive, but must give our employees a year’s notice.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the end of the early retirement incentive June 1, 2016.  Second,

g.            Mentoring Plan.  The state of Kansas has required us to have a mentoring plan in place for next year.  (Mentoring Plan)

h.            Budget.  Continued discussion of areas to cut.  Numbers will be presented to show where we believe we can cut back. (Possible Budget Cuts)

i.             KASB Dues.  These dues did not change from last year.  Legal fund is $1,650 and membership fee is $8,667.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the dues to KASB.  Second, (KASB Invoice)

j.             Roof Bid.  We had budgeted for expenditure this year $32,800 and next year $41,900 for repair.  Wray Roofing will do both areas for $45,900.  Other bids came in at $80,030 and $93,000.  This will be an expenditure taken out of next years budget.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve Wray Roofing in the amount of $45,900 to repair roofs.  Second,  (Roof Bids)

k.            Basketball Uniforms.  In the normal rotation of purchasing uniforms these are brought to you for approval.  The cost is $5,307 and the company is Francis Sporting Goods.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the purchase of basketball uniforms from Francis Sporting Goods in the amount of $5,307.  Second, (Basketball Uniform Quote)

l.             Basketball Equipment.  The High School athletic fund would like to purchase a Series 8000 Gun in the amount of $6,149.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the Series 8000 Gun in the amount of $6,149.  Second,  (Basketball Equipment Quote)

m.           Donations.  Box Tops to WES in the amount of $871.40. (Box Top Check)

n.            BOE Appreciation Lunch.  We are planning the staff appreciation luncheon for the end of the school year.  Awards and lunch plans will be the same as in previous years.  Cost of this event is $1,000.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve BOE Appreciation lunch.  Second,

o.            Health Insurance.  Our increase is in.  The increase is $6 per person per month.  Total cost to the district to continue with paying the full amount is $5300.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve USD289 pay the full single health insurance option 3 plan.  Second,

(Grandfathered Plan)  (Non Grandfathered Plan)  (Rates and Explanation)


p.            Dr. Thomasson will present a quote for the new Math Curriculum.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the 5 year agreement with Agile Mind Math Adoption for $77,816. Second, (Agile Mind Math Adoption)

q.            Parking Lot Repair Bid.  We have some parking lot cracks the need sealed and patched.   Complete Pavement Maintenance will take care of those needs for $15,800.00.  Other bids came in at $17,066.00 and $18,134.  This will be an expenditure taken out of next year’s budget.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve Complete Pavement Maintenance in the amount of $15,800 to repair the parking lots.  Second,  (Parking Lot Repair Bids)


6.            Executive Session: if needed


               a.            Negotiations 15 minutes

               b.            Personnel 20 min

               c.            Student Matters


7.            Personnel

               a.            Resignations.        Ashley Barney WES.

                                                            Megan Watts WES.

                                                            Marcy Owens WES.

                                                            Melissa Vertin WHS secretary and FBLA Assistant

                                                            Terry Messenger Assistant Basketball Coach

                                                            DeAnna Morgan Assistant Softball Coach

                                                            Barbara Sims Transportation

                                                            Debbie Coon - Transportation

                                                            Wanda Schnoke WMS librarian aide

                                                            Rick O’Neil WHS PE


b.              Certified Staff.  In your packet is a list of certified staff to be renewed for the 2015-2016 school year.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the certified staff renewals.  Second,

                 (List of Certified Staff)


c.              Classified Staff.  In your packet is a list of the classified staff to be renewed for the 2015-2016 school year.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the classified staff for renewal.  Second,

                               (List of Classified Staff)


d.              Employment.  Would like to recommend Andy Wright and Mark Messer for Drivers Education educators.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve Andy Wright and Mark Messer for Drivers education teachers.  Second,


8.            Adjournment