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USD 289



June 8, 2015 – 6:30pm

(A) - Action.  (R) - Report.

1.            Call Meeting to Order and Roll Call (A)

2.            Welcome/Recognition of Guests by the President

3.            Adopt the Agenda (A)

4.            Consent Agenda (A)


               a.            Approval of previous Meeting Minutes (Attached Minutes)

               b.            Monthly Bills and Financial Report  (Attached Financials)  (May Treasurers Report) (Check Register 6.8.15) (Budget Summary) (Outstanding Purchase Orders)


               c.            Staff Reports


  1. Superintendent

Summer is here and just as expected we are busy as can be.  Finishing out a year and trying to start another one is unbelievable.  Also not know what our budget will be for next school year is unprecedented.  Things keep changing every day and our office is keeping an eye on it.  Just not very good news with the possibility of cuts every day for next year. 

We have a few staff changes that continue to trickle in and changes will be made if necessary.  The directors have their summer projects already moving forward and we are seeing completion of many different projects already.  Orders are coming in as well. 

                              2.            Building Administrators

Elementary BOE report – June  2015

The end of the year has come and gone.   While the halls are not filled with the sounds of students, it is still a busy place.  Maintenance and the summer crew have promptly begun cleaning rooms, moving items, and maintaining the building.  They are doing a fantastic job.  The tech department is busy maintaining, cleaning, fixing, etc…our technology items.   They are also doing a phenomenal job.

Summer school has started for some of our students.  It’s great to see them arrive every morning with a smile on their face.  The teachers are doing a tremendous job of making summer school fun and engaging for these students.   Kevin Kelly has done a really nice job of organizing our transportation for summer school – a special thanks for that.

Mr. Steeby organized two amazing field days in May (4th and 11th).  The students had a blast participating in the events.  It was also well attended by parents, grandparents, friends and family.

Art will be missed in the elementary.  We have some very talented students who really enjoyed that time.  Mrs. Brown did a great job with the students this year. 

The 5th grade Science Fair, D.A.R.E Graduation, and Musical was held on May 11th.  It was well attended by parents and families.  The students had some great science fair projects.  Miss Luce, as always, does a great job with Musicals.  It was very enjoyable to watch.

A special thanks to the B.O.E for the end of the year lunch.  It was nice to see people get recognized for the time they served in our district.  Susan Rader gave a nice opening that reminded us – 55 faces, that’s why we’re here.  We have many more great little eagles that will follow suit in the coming years.

Tammy Thomasson, Middle School Principal & District Curriculum Coordinator

Awards Night:  The middle school awards night was held on Monday, May 18.  It was well attended. 

Training:  The administrative staff attended a meeting at KASB to learn about the new accreditation process that will be used for Kansas schools.  This new process is very involved and time consuming.  We will need external validation teams.  The new system is developed around the 5 R’s (relevance, relationships, responsive culture, rigor, and results).  Because of the importance of focusing on the 5 R’s, we will be training staff through inservices on the 5 R’s.  We will also be going through the rubrics for accreditation with the staff.  This new accreditation system is overwhelming.

The administrative team met together and planned out the 2015-2016 inservices that will be needed.  All staff will need to be trained on the new accreditation system.  Elementary will need to be trained on the new math curriculum materials as well as the “how to teach” math according to the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards. 

The middle and high school math teachers will be attending a 3 day conference in Wichita on the new Agile Mind math curriculum.  This conference will be held August 3, 4, and 5.

Staffing:  We will be in need of at least 2 paras to replace positions.

Middle School Library:  I feel that this position is very important to the students and that they have access to the library the same amount of time as all other students in the District.  The library has high usage before school starts.  We have students who are here by 7 a.m.  We want to move several computers into the library so students will have supervised access to a mini lab before and during school hours.  I know that Mr. Henn would like to combine this position, if possible, with a bus driver.  This would drastically reduce student access to the library.

Curriculum:  The elementary math committee has finalized their recommendation for a K-5 math curriculum.  This will be included with my report.  They have looked at several companies, reviewed materials, and talked with each of the teachers at their grade levels.  They are recommending Pearson’s Envisions Realize Math Program.  This program is available to both students and staff in a digital format as well as the textbooks.

Mr. Adams and I have been working on additional enhancements to the middle and high school curriculum.  The middle school is adding a required semester writing class and the high school is targeting students who have performed below grade level on reading.  The high school will be adding a remedial reading course for those targeted students.  I am working with Mr. Trendel and Mrs. Villaca on materials and curriculum for that class.

We continue to use our testing data to make positive changes at USD289.  Once the new State Assessment scores are available, we will be using that information to determine any areas in which we need to concentrate on.

The Next Generation Science Standards have been out for a couple of years.  The science assessments are aligned to the NGSS.  Science will be the next curriculum to be developed.  We will need to look at some smaller courses and electives for curriculum but they will not be as expensive as math.  We are back on track with a curriculum development and adoption rotation.

Wellsville Elementary Math Curriculum Adoption

K-2 is a 5 year adoption.  We can order each year the same number of work mats (consumable textbook) for no charge.  This also allows staff the online digital access for 5 years. 

The 3-5 adoption is for 6 years.  This basically gives you 6 years of digital access for both students and staff.  Any additional textbooks would need to be purchased. 

Textbooks are expensive.  They are $68 for each 3-5 book.

 The company will come out and teach the staff how to use the online program.  This is free but the actual professional development has a fee which is included in the bid.  We do receive free items for our order.

I was able to go over the bid line by line with our company rep.  It was cheaper to order individual manipulative kits for the grade levels that needed them vs. classroom kits.  This saved about $1000. 


  1. The 2015 WHS Agri-science and FFA have grown a variety of vegetable plants in the greenhouse this spring. They donated all of the plants to the community for their gardens. They were not for sale, however they did accept donations to WHS FFA.
  2. Student Council Breast Cancer Walk:  I just wanted to share the final amount raised in the 2015 walk:  $3,134.00    A check for this amount has been mailed to the Franklin County Cancer Foundation.  Student Council greatly appreciated everyone who helped out in any way with this effort.  In the nine years we have held the walk we have raised a total of $28,230.76.
  3. The real world challenge group just found out they will not get to travel to Washington DC.  The funding to send them there did not come through.  They will be competing virtually this year.  They were upset they did not get to make the trip and I do understand why.  After making some inquiries, I found out there have been funding issues the past four years so this did not come as a huge surprise to Mrs. Davis.
  4. Baseball and Softball teams competed at the state tournaments in Manhattan.  The boys were runner ups.  The girls lost 2-1 in the first round.
  5. Track sent seven boys and seven girls to the state track meet in Wichita.  We had 3 track placers:  Zach Strawn got 2nd in the 400 and 8th in the 200 M.  Josh Bertoncino got 2nd in the long jump.  Bryce Smith got 7th in the discus.

Brad Burkdoll/AD

  1. Our baseball and softball teams had outstanding season.  Baseball finished as the Class 3A runner-up, falling 8-6 to Riverton.  Our softball team won a very exciting game in the Wellsville Regional, and then fell 2-1 to Hillsboro at the state tournament.  We had incredible crowds for both the boys and girls.  Our crowd support has been outstanding this year.
  2. Our track teams sent twelve participants to state track.  Josh Bertoncino finished 2nd in the long jump, Zach Strawn finished 2nd in the 400m, and Bryce Smith finished 7th in the discus.
  3. Caleb Powelson placed 13th at the Class 3A state meet in Hesston.  Kyle Powelson also golfed at the state meet, and finished 67th.
  4. Summer Weight Room hours are HS 7:00am-8:00am, MS from 8:00-9:00am, and open lifting from 9:00-10:00am.  The high school football team practices Monday-Thursday from 8:00-9:00am, the middle school team practices Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for an hour also. Boy’s basketball has practice on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 9:00-11:30, and the girls practice on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.
  5. Gym floor cleaning is scheduled from July 17th- 21st.

                              3.            Special Education (Attached Minutes)

                              4.            WJRC   

Our baseball, softball and t-ball season has begun! While the rain has been an issue with getting our games in, our complex is looking good. We are currently in the transition period of utilizing the supplies we have and contacts within the community to transform our “practice field” into a game ready field for our t-ball and younger baseball/softball leagues. This should alleviate the struggle to get games rescheduled on the two “game ready fields”, especially after as much rain as we have received this summer already.

Our office will begin a drafting a newsletter/brochure that will be electronically mailed to our patrons informing them of registration deadlines and news about what is going on at WJRC. WE are excited to get this out to the community soon.

The office is deeply in the middle of organizing and filing away months/years of receipts, statements and other financial records. It is our goal over the next couple weeks to get everything filed and categorized correctly so when preparing the budget, it goes smoothly.

WJRC is excited about where we are right now and where we think we will be in the next couple months. Our goal is to get the office/financials in order and then focus our attention on perfecting the sports/programs we provide to better serve the community.

 5.            Business


a.            George K. Baum.  Todd Burrus will be here to finalize our plan for re-issuance of bonds.

b.            Food Service.  Mrs. Inglehart is working on getting bids back so a decision can be made.  All bids are due to be back on Thursday of this week.  We will bring the lowest responsible bid to the Board Monday night. (Foodservice Bid)

c.            FMLA changes.  We need to inform our employees that we will be changing how we apply FMLA.  The change is to move to a format of once a request is made to use FMLA the year begins with that report date. (FMLA Changes)

d.            Email Changes.  Our email address will change July 1.  Each of you will be set up on a new email address.  The only change will be from .net to .org.  Example. will become  This will save purchasing servers in the future as well as starting to make the move to total usage of Google.

e.            Wellness Policy.  Policy JGCA is our Wellness policy for the district.  KSDE was asking districts to have a policy that was more detailed to our district.  Mrs. Inglehart has lead this committee and the information they have compiled is very good.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the Wellness Policy Statement.  Second, (Current JGCA Wellness Policy)  (Wellness Statement)

f.             Greenbush Purchases.  These services are very useful for us to continue with professional development, environmental services, and professional development tracking.  Those costs are $8,182.65 for professional development basic services, $2,025 for environmental services and $1857 for PDP.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve Greenbush purchases contingent upon the State of Kansas providing the funds necessary to purchase these services.  Second, (Greenbush Purchases)

g.            Policies.  Policies to be discussed are CEA, CEC, EBBA, GARA, GAT, GAOE, Protection of Pupil Rights, JCAB, JDC, and JDD.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve CEA, CEC, EBBA, GARA, GAT, GAOE, Protection of Pupil Rights, JCAB, JDC, and JDD as discussed.  Second,  (Policy Updates)  (GAOE)

h.            Donations.  Bill and Nancy Lytle.  $600 total.  This is to be share equally between baseball, softball and track and deposited into the WHS Activity Fund.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the donation from Bill and Nancy Lytle.  Second,

i.             Handbook Changes.  Handbook changes will be discussed at the meeting.  Each building will have some changes.  (HS Handbook Changes)  (MS Handbook Changes)  (ES Handbook Changes)

j.             Authorization to Make the Necessary transfers and to close the books for the 14-15 school year.  This motion is requested by the district auditors each year to be reflected in the minutes that the board gave the superintendent, clerk and treasurer of the board the authority to make the necessary transfers and to close the books for the 14-15 school year.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we give the board clerk and the superintendent the authorization to make the necessary transfers to close the books for the 14-15 school year.  Second,

k.            Special Board Meeting for July.  July 1, 2, 6, or 7 are all dates that we could have our organizational meeting.  It is your choice.  I would suggest July 1 (Wednesday) since we have a regular meeting scheduled for July 13.  We could also meet at an earlier time so people could be available for evening church activities.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve a special board meeting on July 1, at 5:00 pm.  Second, 

l.             CASE Contract.  The contract remains the same as it was last year.  We charge CASE $100 per month for usage of the building.  If we apply the 12% increase electricity cost that would make the cost about $112 per month.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the contract with CASE and increase the cost to $115.  Second,  (CASE Contract)

m.           Elementary Curriculum.  Dr. Thomasson has provided information for elementary math curriculum.  She will be here to explain the curriculum.  The total cost is $57,216.81.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve envision math curriculum contingent upon the State of Kansas providing the funds necessary to purchase the material.  Second,  (Math Curr Quote)  (Math Product Implementation) (Problem based Learning)

n.            Chromebooks.  Added Item to the agenda (Chromebooks)



a.            Resignations.        Mr. Paul Steeby retiring from WES.

                                                            Andy Wright from wrestling, MS football and track.

                                                            Bernie Smith from high school track and MS girls basketball

                                                            Cindy Paramino from WES secretary.

                                                            Adrienne Brown from art at WES.

                                                            Janette Selk - JV HS Volleyball

                                                            Blenda Brown - Accompainst

Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the retirement of Mr. Paul Steeby and resignation from Mr. Wright, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Paramino and Mrs. Brown.  Second,


b.            Contract Offers.  Alicia Jones as Secretary in WHS.  Justine Dougan summer help for custodians.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the contract of Mrs. Jones and Miss Dougan.  Second,

c.            Supplementals.  Attached is a list of supplementals to be filled at this time.  More will come later as positions are filled.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the list of supplementals contingent upon the State of Kansas providing the funds necessary to employ this staff.  Second,  (List of Supplementals)

8.            Adjournment