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USD 289



April 13, 2015 – 6:30pm

(A) - Action.  (R) - Report.

1.         Call Meeting to Order and Roll Call (A)

2.         Welcome/Recognition of Guests by the President

3.         Adopt the Agenda (A)

4.         Consent Agenda (A)

            a.         Approval of previous Meeting Minutes  (Attached Minutes)

            b.         Monthly Bills and Financial Report  (Attached Check Register) (Attached Treasurer Report) (Attached Budget Summary)

            c.         Staff Reports



We were informed this week that the state overpaid us by $6,000 in our LOB fund.According to Dale Dennis, he believes the state will not ask for this money back.We will not know for sure until later this month.We will not get this money next year according to the block grant allocations.Once again, we would need to find a place to get this money, but hopefully we will not need to worry about this.


Testing is moving right along.The CETE (state testing company) has worked hard to get our testing to be successful and so far there have been very few issues.WES was randomly chosen to be audited and observed to make sure they are testing within the set boundaries.That will be coming up very soon.Everything is in place for this to go very well.


Activities are in full force again this spring.FBLA has finished state and is now starting to look at nationals.  All sports are in the middle of their activities and will be finished before we know it.  Graduation is just around the corner as well.  I will be in touch about these festivities at a later time.  Before we know it, school will be out and our students will be moving on with their summer plans.


Building Administrators

Jason Townsend – Elementary Principal

State assessments are off to a good start.  WES 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders have completed the Reading portion of the assessments.  Math, Science, and the Multi-Disciplinary Performance Task (writing) will be completed before the end of April.   The technology seems to be working well.   Rod Holdsworth has done a fantastic job of being around and checking in.  Rod and Kathy worked hard in getting our technology up and running.   Even though everything is running smooth, the teachers and staff have done a great job in being flexible and creating a stress-free environment for the students.

I want you to be aware of a change in practice from previous years in regards to requesting/non-requesting teachers.  In the past parents have been allowed to request one teacher they would like not to have.  This year we will not have the option to request someone you don’t want.  Placement of students is something we will take very serious.  When creating class placements the things we consider are, but not limited to:

Academic needs in each subject area
Social and emotional needs
Parent input regarding characteristics that would be good for their child, background information, and other things affecting a student’s life (ex. anxiety, divorce, etc…)
Teacher input on needs – strengths, weaknesses, ideas

Kindergarten Round Up was held at the end of March.  It was well attended.   Early numbers indicate a slight increase in enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year.  Parents and students were excited and ready to get going.  Mrs. Davis, Ms. Minshull, Mrs. Unruh, Mrs. Lynch, Mrs. Paramino, and Mrs. Chrisjohn did a fantastic job of presenting the necessary material relating to our incoming kindergarten class.

Wellsville schools will be participating in a new dental program called SMILES.  The program is an in-school dental program.  All Wellsville students are eligible to participate in the program.  Dental screenings will be taking place before the end of the year.

Tammy Thomasson, MS Principal & District Curriculum Coordinator

State assessment testing is going smooth. We have 6 weeks of testing scheduled at the middle school.

Handbook- I finished working with a committee yesterday to update the handbook. We will now work with the high school to make them as similar as possible.

Track has started we had our first meet in Tuesday.

In service  - We will be working on developing a homework philosophy and policy at the middle and high schools. we will continue to work on Google as well.

Scheduling - We are trying to get schedules for next year finalized.


Tori Ponce got first place for her original song in the Kansas Soundscape competition.  She will be honored at a reception.  Date and time tba.

Donations from the community for our teams at State Basketball.

Midwest Juniors: $936.88

Mid-America Bank: $450

Casey Lytle: $100

Steve Layton: $100

Barbara Kearney: $250

Lori Rogers: $500

Bill Lytle: Bought Pizza for the teams at the hotel.


Boys and girls both played in the state basketball tournament in March.  We had a great turn out of our students and community in Hutchinson.  Wellsville won the Sportsmanship Award.  Our kids were really good all season long.


Wellsville FBLA came back from a great showing at the 2015 State Leadership Conference in Topeka.   Ashtyn Rottinghaus was elected President of Kansas FBLA and began her term.  She had a terrific campaign committee, a great speech and caucused well.  She couldn’t have won without the efforts of her fellow Wellsville FBLA members.  There were over 2,200 kids attending from 113 schools (6A through 1A), with 5 of them being middle schools.  Wellsville FBLA placed 4th overall with the most points accumulated for Top 10 wins.  There are over 60 Business-related tests that are taken by the students.  Below is a listing of how the kids placed and which students will be going to nationals and competing in Chicago this summer.


*Indicates will be competing at Nationals in this event

Outstanding Members in FBLA—Raegan Beckley, Tori Broers, Valentina Castellani, Amanda Haagensen, Jared Klamm, Anna Kline, Ashtyn Rottinghaus and Trent Smith


President—Ashytn Rottinghaus

Quality Member Award—Raegan Beckley, Tori Broers, Jared Klamm and Trent Smith

Desktop Publishing—Widya Pramesdi & Amanda Haagensen (team)—3rd

Hospitality Management—Anna Kline, Caleb Mann, Tyler Toman (team)—6th

Job Interview—Hailey Watson—3rd

Local Chapter Annual Business Report—Ashtyn Rottinghaus—1st *

Partnership with Business—Tori Broers, Ashtyn Rottinghaus, Hailey Watson (team)—1st *

Public Speaking II—Ashtyn Rottinghaus—1st *

Securities & Investments—Hailey Watson—1st *

Social Media Campaign—Michael Douglas, Megan Manes, Cheyanne Vertin (team)—3rd

Website Design—Valentina Castellani, Anna Kline, Cameron Witcher (team)—3rd

Word Processing—Ashtyn Rottinghaus—1st

Miss Future Business Leader—Ashtyn Rottinghaus—2nd & Tori Broers—4th

Who’s Who in FBLA—Ashtyn Rottinghaus—2nd & Tori Broers—10th


Regional Music: Wellsville brought 48 medals home for students receiving l or superior ratings from regional solo and ensemble contest.


State Assessments:  We have started our state assessments.  We have not have any majors issues like we did last year.  The state has informed us that we will not have any results until the summer.


From: Brad Burkdoll/AD

We brought 48 medals home for students receiving l or superior ratings from regional solo and ensemble contest on March 28th in Iola.  On April 25 about 50 of our vocal and instrumental students will be traveling to SE-Saline State 3A solo and ensemble contests. 
Wellsville High School placed 4th out of the 113 teams that competed at Kansas State FBLA.  Ashtyn Rottinghaus was elected President of Kansas FBLA.  Ashtyn, Tori Broers, and Hailey Watson will represent Wellsville in Chicago at FBLA Nationals June 27th - July 3rd.
Our baseball and softball teams are both off to nice starts this spring.  Baseball currently has a 6-0 record, and softball is 4-2.  Baseball Regionals will be held at Oskaloosa HS May 18th -19th.  Softball Regionals will be held here at Wellsville on May 18th and 19th as well.
Track season is also off to a nice start. Pioneer League Track meet is May 14th in Iola.  Regionals will be May 22nd at Osage City.  Our 31st Annual Red Bud track meet will be May 8th starting at 3:30pm.
Forensics had four students qualify for the State Meet.  Andrew Lindsey, Brianna Samsel, Marisa Carman, and Widya Pramesti will compete May 2nd in Wichita.
Graduation is May 17th at 2:00pm.  We have two Wall of Fame inductees; Almeda Edwards and Rick Phillips.  Their induction ceremony is May 16th at 5:30pm in the KD Gym.


Special Education  (COOP Meeting Minutes)


WJRC  Report

Spring signups concluded on March 7th,…with some additional trickling in after the deadline.  For most of the age groups in soccer and baseball we had enough for kids for one team.  Our U14 soccer team had 20+ sign up.  That is a huge number for our older kids.  On the baseball/softball side we had great response in our coach pitch numbers with 2 softball teams and 4 baseball teams (this might be the most teams in that age group).  We also have about 100 kids in our tball and coach pitch/tball combo. 

We are starting some adult sports this spring.  We have 8 teams for coed softball on Sunday nights.  It filled up really quickly.  Also, for the first time we are going to have a an adult sand volleyball league.  This has been discussed for a few years and through the efforts of one of our board members, Jessica Zeck, we were able to get the inaugural season off of the ground.

Grounds update:

Bernie smith has been our lead grounds keeper since spring break.  Through the efforts of her and her staff they have completed the “spring” clean up of the ball fields.  She has fertilized and seeded this spring and has been working on the fields, trimming grass from the edge of the playing surface, filling in pitching and hitting holes and constantly working the infields.  She has also marked and mowed the soccer surfaces as the 40 acres.  One of the changes for spring soccer was to move the Micro soccer fields to the open lot at the baseball fields.  We needed an additional medium field for practices and games at the 40.  We also, with increased numbers, needed a second micro field.  To pull the existing micro field from the drainage area and add a second we thought it would be easier for the spring to move it to Saddle Club.  This does allow us better parking and safer conditions for the families with young kids.  Bernie has been a HUGE asset for WJRC.

Facilities update:

As with de-winterizing anything issues pop up.  This year was no different.  At WJRC and at Saddle club we faced many issues getting things up and running.  KCPL had to make several trips out to the complex to get all of the electricity on. Once that was complete we started to encounter several issues.  We hired an electric company and they spent the better part of two days going through our issues, fixing the tennis court and sand volleyball court lights, fixing some plug in around the park, fixing some lighting issues in the barn, the concession stand had several issues with plugs and the lights that needed addressed and finally fixing the electricity on West and North fields.  The ice machine is scheduled to be hooked up on 4/13.  Icemasters would not hook it up earlier for fear of another freeze.  At the first home softball game we found out the controller for West field score board was bad.  It was taken to Athco and we found out that it was bad but under warranty.  A new controller is being sent.

Director Update:

We are happy to announce that a new director has been hired and will start his first day on April 20.  Ryan Dalton comes to us from Baldwin Parks and Rec where he was the sports coordinator for the last several years.  He brings with him a vast network of contacts, experience in modernizing our current processes, budgeting experience and a high level of energy.  I think one of his first tasks is to implement a better way of communication between our residents and WJRC.  He is ready to hit the ground running with a lot of great ideas. 

WJRC was very fortunate during this process to have received a lot of interest in the director position and conducted several interviews with very talented people, any of them we felt would have been a great asset to WJRC and to the community.


The board is glad to be able to get back to a more normal schedule.  They have been working, doing their best, to get teams and coaches identified, games scheduled and help out preparing the facilities for our upcoming seasons.  We are looking forward to a successful spring and a fun summer.

5.         Business


a.            Student Presentation.  Members of the Power lifting team will be with us to talk about what they do and their participation in the state meet.

b.            Computer Purchase.  iBoss is our filter we use for internet.  It is a very important tool for us and our IT department.  If we would look at changing to a different filter our costs would be higher.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the Multiyear contract with iBoss for $9,407.  Second,  (Attached iBoss Upgrade)

The computer purchase that was delayed from last meeting is brought back.  The computers tech committee have chosen are from the state contract so all of the bidding has already taken place.  There is an upgrade in the CPU which makes sense if we plan to keep these computers for a long time.  We think 50 teacher work stations is what we need to replace.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the purchase of 50 Dell computers and monitors for $32,524.  Second, (Attached Computer Upgrades)

c.            George K. Baum.  Todd Burrus will be here to discuss the pros about re-financing our current bonds for facilities.  Suggested Motion:  Reading of the resolution, Second, (Attached Bond POS) (Attached Preliminary Refunding Numbers)

d.            Fees for 2015-2016.  Proposed changes to enrollment fees would include textbook fees up $5 to $70, family limit would also go up $15 to $210 max per family.  This falls in line with previous increases.  Planner fee for HS would be deleted.  Food service prices are to go up by $.10 if we choose to do that.  If you choose to go up $.05 the district would need to come up with $2,819.25 to cover the difference.  Discussion to look at are fees for all day Kindergarten, pay to participate for KSHSAA activities, and cutting all transportation for students living within 2.5 miles.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the fees as discussed.  Second, (Attached 2015-2016 Enrollment Fees)

e.            Budget Information.  This is just a continuation of discussion about what is happening in Topeka and how it affects us.

f.             Personnel.

1.            Contracts.  Would like to recommend Carlene Canterbury for Food Service Director.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve Carlene Canterbury as Food Service Director for 2015-2016 school year.  Second,

2.            Summer help.  In your packet is the list of staff to assist us this summer in getting our buildings ready for the 2015-2016 school year.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the summer help list presented.  Second, (Attached List of Students)


3.            Resignations.  Barbara Oshel from WHS Student Council Sponsor and

                              Paul Steeby from Freshman Volleyball, effective the end of the 2014-2015 school year.          

Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we accept  the resignation of Barbara Oshel for Student Council Sponsor and Paul Steeby for Freshman Volleyball.  Second,


g.            Website. Gabbert Website contract.  This is the company that hosts our website.  This is a continue contract with Gabbert.  This is the third year Gabbert has hosted our website.  Web hosting is no longer eligible for E-rate, the annual cost is $3500  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the contract of Gabbert Communications for $3500.  Second, (Attached Gabbert Contract)

h.            Donations.                             $936.88 Midwest Juniors Sports Club – USD 289 Basketball Rooms

                                                            $500.00 Keith & Lori Rogers – USD 289 Basketball Rooms

                                                            $250.00 Layton Real Estate – USD 289 Basketball Rooms

                                                            $100.00 Casey Lytle – USD 289 Basketball Rooms

                                                            $100.00 Steve & Donna Layton – USD 289 Basketball Rooms

                                                            $450.00 Mid America Bank – USD 289 Basketball Rooms

                                                            $150.00 Ted & Jennifer Marsh – WES – Donation for 2nd Grade Field Trip

                                                            $  65.00 From the Barbara Oshel Memorial to Wellsville Athletics


Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we accept the listed donations.  Second,


6.         Executive Session: if needed


            a.         Negotiations (15 minutes)

            b.         Personnel

            c.         Student Matters (10 minutes)


7.         Adjournment