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USD 289



March 9, 2015 – 6:30pm

(A) - Action.  (R) - Report.

1.         Call Meeting to Order and Roll Call (A)

2.         Welcome/Recognition of Guests by the President

3.         Adopt the Agenda (A)

4.         Consent Agenda (A)

            a.         Approval of previous Meeting Minutes  (Attached PDF)

            b.         Monthly Bills and Financial Report  (Attached PDF)  (Attached PDF) (Attached PDF)

            c.         Staff Reports

  1. Superintendent

The next collaboration half day is set for March 6th.  Buildings are looking at testing ideas and how to input data that has already been received from testing.  This information will help guide our buildings towards improving the instruction our students are receiving.  This is always a positive time for our teachers to look at all aspects of our schools.  It can be very productive time.

Winter athletics are wrapping up.  We sent three wrestlers to state and one of our men placed 5th.  Basketball is currently in their post season tournaments.  With a state berth on the line for each team this could be a very interesting winter season for us.

The food service committee is continuing their site visits to schools with food service management companies.  The committee will observe how the kitchen operations of program as well as tasting the food that is served.  If the committee recommends proceeding with the RFP then the Board will then be requested to look at the companies for approval.  We will still proceed with interviewing the candidates that have food service director.

  1. Building Administrators

Jason Townsend – Elementary Principal

We are busy preparing for state assessments.  It will be interesting to see how the assessments go; I feel that our teachers, students and the state department are better prepared this year.   The potential data and test results we will be provided with will definitely help our school in identifying areas of strength and weakness. 

Kindergarten Round-Up will be held on March 26th.  We are working on getting a rough count before round-up to help plan for next year.

Our maintenance crew has been working hard in clearing our walks and drives through the past couple winter months.  It isn’t always a fun job – but they are doing a fantastic job in helping provide safe facilities for our students, staff, and families.

PTO held pastries for parents on March 3rd and 4th.  It was well attended.  It is always awesome to have activities that promote family participation in our school.  One of our goals moving into the next year is identifying effective and meaningful ways to involve parents in their child’s school experience.

We had picture day on March 4th. Students of Wellsville Elementary were looking very spiffy.

Our Special Education COOP visited our school in the past month.  It was a very gratifying experience in being able to show them around and talk about some of the goals we have moving forward.  The COOP plays a key role in how we meet the needs of our students and it nice to see them involved in the experience.

One the best parts about being in the position I am, is being able to see and truly appreciate the role every person plays in creating the environment these students need to find success in their lives.  Being around these kids all day helps keep the focus on what is important.

Tammy Thomasson, Middle School Principal & District Curriculum Coordinator

Subs:  We have had a few more people sign up for subbing but we are still having days where we are not able to fill positions.

End of the Quarter:  Today is the end of the 3rd nine weeks.  We have had great success with our added electives. 

Curriculum:  The math committee met on February 19 to receive training on how to teach the new standards.  We had a state trainer from Wichita who worked with the committee.  It was very beneficial.  We still have a lot of work to do on the curriculum but have some ideas of where we need to focus our attention.  We will need to train all elementary staff on how to “teach” the new standards.

Testing:  We are gearing up for State Assessments.  We will begin testing district wide at the end of March.  The entire month of April will be dedicated to testing and make up testing.

Planning for Next Year: Emily McCullough and Jim Soden have been working on the 2015-2016 schedule.  The Aspire testing showed that we are in need of additional work in writing.  We discussed this with the Site Council and they felt it would be beneficial if we could add an additional writing class to our core subjects.  We are exploring the possibility of doing this next year.


KAMS: HAYS, Kan. – Marissa Carman  is one of thirty students from the state of Kansas that has been accepted for the fifth class of the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science on the Fort Hays State University campus. The class begins its two-year curriculum in the fall.

KAMS provides a unique residential learning experience for select high school juniors and seniors. Prospective students must have completed at least two years of high school with distinction in mathematics or science. However, outstanding academic achievement is not the only criterion for acceptance. KAMS selects students based on drive, interest, maturity, stability, and personal and family commitment.  These exceptional students, who represent urban, suburban and rural communities from across the state, will earn a high school diploma from their sending school and 68 hours of college credit from FHSU.

The Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science (KAMS), established by legislative action in 2006 by SB139, is the state’s premier academic high school program for the state’s best and brightest high school students. KAMS is a unique residential learning experience that provides exceptional high school juniors and seniors a potent blend of:

  • college-level instruction by Ph.D. faculty;
  • a high school diploma and 68 hours of college credit;
  • hands-on research supervised by Ph.D. scientists;
  • leadership development and civic engagement opportunities;
  • co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to develop the whole student;
  • a safe campus and residential environment; and trained support staff.

State Assessments:  We will start our state assessments on March 26th.

               Science:  11th Grade           McCarty 3/26                        English: 10th Grade              Villaca                   3/30, 3/31, 4/1, 4/2

History  11th Grade              Keltner 4/6, 4/7, 4/8, 4/9       Math       10th Grade             Vanhorn/Kindle       4/14, 4/15, 4/16  

 Athletics: We had another successful sports season.  We won the league in girls and boys basketball and had three wrestlers   qualify for state.

From: Brad Burkdoll/AD

Wellsville wrestling team sent three wrestlers to the state tournament.  Dylan Leckner, Taylor Wilmarth, and Reece Williams competed at Hays.  Taylor Wilmarth earned a 5th place medal.

Both basketball teams have reached the semi-finals of sub-state at Humboldt.  We have excellent seasons going for both the boys and girls.  Both teams won Pioneer League regular season titles.

Wellsville FBLA is headed to Topeka for State Conference March 23-25.

Twenty five students are traveling to Iola on March 10th for Pioneer League Band. 

Wall of Fame voting will be on Wednesday, March 25th.  We have 3 nominees to vote on this year.

Spring sports have begun to practice.  Participation numbers for each sport are:

  1. Baseball 26
  2. Softball 24
  3. Girls Track 27
  4. Boys Track 26


We have currently not been offered Regional Track, Baseball or Softball for this spring.  Hopefully we will hear from KSHSAA soon.

  1. Special Education  (Attached PDF)

                        4.         WJRC  (Attached PDF)

5.         Business

Executive Session, Student Matters.  10 Minutes.  The Board will be in executive session for 10 minutes to discuss a student matter.

b.            Student Presentation.

                              1.            FBLA.  Mrs. Rottinghaus and students will be here to make a FBLA presentation.

2.            Chrome Books.  Mr. VanHorn will be with us to show how he is using the Chrome Books in his classes.

c.            NCCC.  Dr. Inbody is the President of Neosho County Community College.  He asked to come visit with us about NCCC and what they are working on.

d.            Policies.  We will be discussing some credit card policies as well as another policy to change in our policy book.  Policy AF defines the school day.  It has not been changed in a long time.  The old AF talked about using the Wellsville Globe and we felt it was time for an update.  The credit card policies we need to discuss are DJEF, DJEG, GANA and the new Purchasing Card Policy & Procedures Handbook.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve AF, DJEF, DJEG, GANA and the Purchasing Card Policy & Procedures Handbook.  Second,

e.            Food Service Audit.  Included is information regarding our recent audit.  Mrs. Inglehart will be here to discuss the audit. Administrative Review   KSDE Food Audit

f.             Bus Purchase.  I have included some used buses and on new one.  I know with the uncertainty of budgets this seems like a poor time to purchase these.  I will remind you we have 2 1993 buses, 3 1994 buses, and 1 1995 bus on our lot.  We can only keep them for 25 years due to state statute.  We need to purchase buses to keep ahead of the game.  I would suggest we purchase two 2008 buses at a cost of $39,000 each.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve two buses at a total price of $78,000 from Midwest Bus Sales.  Second,

g.            Computer Purchase.  Need to table this one until next month.

h.            Calendar 2015-2016.  You have already approved this for next year, but we have made a small change and updated it just a bit.  The new calendar has enrollment information on it as well as parent/teacher conference dates for WES.  Suggested Motion:  Madame President, I move that we approve the 2015-2016 school calendar.  Second,  (Attached PDF)

i.             Budget Update.  Current information will be shared at the meeting to discuss our current status and to ask the Board what they think about the direction they would like USD289 to move as far as fees for the upcoming school year.

j.             Donations.

                              $44.49 from Target to WHS.

                              $239.40 for mini diplomas by Mid America Bank.

                              $159.46 from Target to WES.

                              $1855 from the Barbara Oshel Memorial to Wellsville Athletics

6.         Executive Session: if needed

            a.         Negotiations

            b.         Personnel (15 minutes)

            c.         Student Matters (10 minutes)

7.         Adjournment