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August 24th, 2015

USD 289



August 24, 2015 - 6:30pm


1.         Call Meeting to Order and Roll Call

2.         Welcome/Recognition of Guests by the President

            a.         Open Budget Hearing

3.         Adopt the Agenda

4.         Consent Agenda

            a.         Approval of previous Meeting Minutes  7.13.15 Organizational  7.13.15    8.3.15   8.11.15

            b.         Approve Monthly Bills and Financial Report     Treasurer Report July 2015  Budget Summary 8.24.15      

                         District Check Register  Credit Card  Travel Expenses  Check Register 8.24.15

            c.          HS Current Cash Balance            MS Current Cash Balance               ES Current Cash Balance

                                                                                                                                        ES July Check Detail     

            d.         Donations  Gary & Sharon Hart - $25.00 for School Supplies - WES Activity Fund, Walmart $200 for Elem Marathon - WES                                           Activity Fund, KS Farm Bureau $300 for FFA - WHS Activity Fund                      

            e.         Staff Reports

                        1.         Superintendent - Mr Henn

                        2.         Building Administrators -  Mr Townsend  -  Mr Dardis Mr Adams  -  Mr Burkdoll

                        3.         Special Education Minutes    7.14.15    8.11.15

                        4.         WJRC Report

         f.                Resignations  


5.         Student Presentations.

            a.         FBLA


6.         Old Business

            a.         Policy KG    Building Use Form  Recommended Policy and Fees

7.        New Business

            a.         Close Budget Hearing

            b.         Approved 2015-2016 Budget

            c.         E-waste

            d.         Special Education Board Members.

            e.         HVAC at WES

            f.          Concurrent Enrollment Contract

            g.         District Goals   2015-2016 Vision Statement   2015-2016 Goals

            h.         Budget Considerations for 2016-2017

         i.       Class Sizes

8.         Executive Session (if needed)

            a.         Negotiations (5 minutes)

            b.         Personnel (20 minutes)

            c.         Student Matters

9.         Personnel

10.       Adjournment